A message from our Managing Director, Andy Hammond

“I recognise from my career as the Chief Executive of a major contracting organisation that winning work, controlling costs, managing processes and finding great people are the greatest challenges that we all face.

We can provide you with bid consultancy services that will make a difference to your business. Our sole objective is to help our clients secure new work.

We have a retained client base of over 300 organisations. They represent a wide demographic of the service sector, although we have traditionally specialised in the construction industry.

As bid response experts, we understand the challenges associated with completing PQQs and tenders. We provide a comprehensive range of bid consultancy services that are explained on this website.

In addition to this, we have developed the award-winning EasyPQQ software. This product now supports a worldwide user base, acting as a knowledge hub, search engine and bid management tool. It is used by a wide range of organisations, from multinationals to local SMEs.

We have also developed a ground-breaking cloud-based computing solution, EasyBOP which is an integrated Business Operations Platform that unifies all company processes with one enterprise-level solution.

Our website explains in greater detail what we do, provides tangible evidence of how our services and products have helped others, and provides good quality information that will allow you to reach an informed decision on how we can help you.

I wish you the very best in your endeavours and hope that we may be of assistance to your business.”
– Andy Hammond, Managing Director


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