Interviews and presentations are increasingly a major factor in the decision making process in awarding contracts and clients now typically expect to see the delivery staff who will actually manage and complete the work.

Maybe you’re nervous about an up and coming final interview to secure a ‘must win’ job because presenting is not really ‘your thing’? Maybe you are not at all confident about the quality of your presentation documents because you think that the competition is much better at that sort of thing than you? Are you bored with PowerPoint because it’s what everyone else does? Perhaps the client has insisted on meeting with your delivery team and their presentation skills are not that great?

Gone are the days when you could send your best communicators – your marketing or business development people – to interviews. Clients are now requesting to see key delivery team members including Contracts Managers, Site Managers, Tenant Liaison Officers and even Site Supervisors and operatives. These people, though highly skilled in their roles, are often ill equipped and under prepared for the demands of an interview, yet their performance under that spotlight will have a huge impact on the perceived credibility of your bid and thus on the future success of your business!

Our team has many years’ experience preparing for, and attending, tender interviews. We can help raise the performance of your bid interview team and specifically help build their confidence for a specific presentation. They will perform better after rehearsing, particularly when they are supported with a presentation to which they have contributed and is comprehensive and professionally produced. The outcome will be to give your client confidence in your organisation and, most importantly, your team will reiterate the message described within the written tender submission.

We can support your team in preparing for the interview through:

  • mock interviews, practices and presentation run-throughs
  • helping you select your ‘A Team’
  • performance analysis and things to avoid

Interview Presentations

Professional tender interview presentations will help maximise your chances of winning a bid. We produce presentations for many clients – they are bespoke documents that encapsulate the information already provided to the client but tailored to the interview agenda. They are beautifully designed, engaging and informative, easy to understand and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression long after you have left the interview.

Our strategy to success includes:

  • requesting at the earliest point possible the clients agenda for the meeting, including the list of panel members and their professions
  • planning the presentation document, taking account the time periods allowed in the agenda
  • making sure that the key messages from the tender quality document are contained within the presentation
  • making sure that the presentation highlights the added value that your organisation will provide
  • tailoring the presentation to the people receiving the information
  • telling the client what they wants to hear
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