To bid or not to bid

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Too many opportunities and can’t decide which ones to go for
  • Consistently failing to win work and don’t know what’s going wrong
  • Senior management keep giving you projects to pre qualify for when you know that there is no realistic chance of success

We understand the challenge of pre-qualification and tendering for both your bid writing and estimating teams. Good sense would tell you its best not to ask them to chase opportunities you stand little chance of winning. Writing proposals for these types of projects demotivates your staff, ties up valuable resource, wastes time and costs money.

We can help you to determine the likely outcome of completing pre-qualification questionnaires and tender opportunities. We do this by providing evaluation tools and advice to support you in making that important bid / no bid decision. Therefore, by establishing early on which opportunities you are most likely to win and deliver successfully, your team will have more time to focus on the important ones.

In addition, our two free, easy to use, interactive tools will give you a good benchmark of where you stand.

Once you have weeded out the ‘chaff’ in your opportunity pipeline we can help you improve you pre qualification and quality submission process with our get set to win audit. Make your bid or no bid decision today.

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bid or no bid decision

PQQ Tool

bid or no bid decision

Bid no Bid Tool


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