Bid Management

Maybe you are short of resources to manage a must win tender? Perhaps the size of the opportunity is so large you’re not sure how to manage the authoring and design process? Maybe you’re down to the short list but you always fall at the last hurdle and you don’t know why? You need our Bid Management service!

Our effective Bid Management service incorporates process planning, detailed task scheduling, and co-ordinating the exchange of information and documentation in order to ensure that all submission preparation is completed ahead of bid review deadlines.

Engaging one of our Bid Managers, who are experienced PQQ and tender writing experts, makes the whole bid management and preparation process more efficient and less stressful. It allows your operation managers or bid writers to concentrate fully on creating compliant and compelling content for their allocated responses whilst we manage the process.

Our Bid Managers are highly experienced bid professionals. They will tactfully manage the process to ensure it runs smoothly, bringing all the disparate elements of the tender process together effectively with a focus on customer requirements and highlighting your value proposition. This approach will optimise the quality and thoroughness of the submission, which will in turn increase your chance of winning.

We have just received confirmation that our tender submission for the above framework has been successful and we are now one of three contractors who have gone forward as the new framework. Can I just say on behalf of everyone here thank you again for your support, assistance, guidance and total commitment to this project, we are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to working again with you very soon on the next big project. Customer Services Director – Regional Contractor on being awarded the Constructing West Midlands Framework

Bid Management & Strategy

The key to success for all types of submission is having a robust strategy in place which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your bid team.

We are experts at structuring bid strategies that will maximise your chances of winning by guiding the entire bid management process, ensuring that the buyer’s requirements are fully addressed in the submission document, with appropriate supporting evidence. We specialise in developing and highlighting the differentiator in your tender responses which focus on your businesses value proposition. We will work in collaboration with you to ensure we demonstrate the added value you are offering, your experience and your capabilities and we will demonstrate that you are the most appropriate company to deliver the project.

Our bid management techniques include creating a skeleton responses to the entire submission that highlight the key issues to be addressed within each area of the document, producing and managing detailed programmes of deliverables and ensuring milestone reviews are scheduled to enable timely content reviews and amendments. We will allow you free use of our award winning cloud based pre qualification and tender writing software for the duration of the bid.

Additional Resources

We completely understand the difficulties our clients have in meeting deadline dates for reviews and re writes. The advantage of our service is that we can provide additional qualified resources to assist in drafting the response or designing the document. We are experts in managing, writing, reviewing, and the graphic design of:

  • pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ)
  • bid documents
  • proposal documents
  • tenders
  • framework tenders
  • invitation to tender (ITT)
  • request for information (RFI)
  • request for proposal (RFP)
  • sales proposals
  • request for quotation (RFQ)
  • initial expression of interest (IEO)
  • preliminary invitation to tender (PITT)
  • mini competition questionnaires
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