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Propeller Studios’ graphic design team have over fifteen years’ experience in producing bid documents…

STAND OUT from the competition

Responding to bid documents is a time-consuming process. Many organisations struggle to meet the deadlines that are imposed by their clients and clearly demonstrating differentiators in their proposal document often gets neglected.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design becomes an afterthought and is often handed over to an under-resourced team at the last minute. The opportunity to make an impact is lost.

We make you stand out by taking innovative approaches, such as graphic design, to present information that is more intuitive for the client’s evaluation team to understand. By creating a unified brand, across all visual types, our designers reflect a sense of scale, while bringing clarity and professionalism to our client’s submissions. We have helped a range of organisations, from Bowmer & Kirkland to J Murphy.

Covers and Dividers

We create and design bespoke covers and dividers to demonstrate a collaborative engagement with the client.

Bid Branding

We do this in several ways, but our most common techniques are:

  • Use of Client logo
  • Using images to demonstrate works of a similar nature
  • Using relevant images that reflect the content
  • Providing straplines that show a shared culture
  • Using visual metaphors to define the opportunity
  • Use of quotes that support the project agenda
  • Use of company brand to raise awareness and professional presentation of information

Page Layouts

The effect of laying out written and graphical content in a considered format adds to the professionalism of a proposal document.

Example Bid


We use other approaches and techniques such as signposting and summaries of information to engage with evaluation team, making their assessment easier.

Case Studies and CVs

Case Studies and CVs are regularly requested for every submission.

In fact, providing evidence of previous contracts is now a mandatory requirement in all Pre-Qualification Questionnaire responses.

CV Layout

Presenting your Case Studies and your proposed project team in a way that reflects the quality of your work is an important aspect of scoring high marks.

Instilling the confidence that you have successfully delivered before and can successfully deliver for your potential client is key!

Case Study


It is often easier to get across complex proposals and concepts in a graphical format rather than the use of words.

Infographic Example

Our graphic design team and bid professionals can make a document more engaging and provide clarity to the individual marking your submission by creating infographics.

Organisational Charts

Our clients are often asked to provide organisational charts within their proposal responses.

We add additional detail as a way of explaining added value activities, as well as providing additional space for word limited responses.

Binders and Box-sets

The world of bids is a constantly evolving process. More often than not, clients want digital submission documents rather than the printed version.

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