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Stand out from the crowd with compelling case studies

Stand out from the crowd with compelling case studies

Your case studies are one of the key areas where you can differentiate yourself from your competition

Including the relevant information in your case studies and highlighting all of the added value you brought to a project will help position you as a potential supplier for the contract. When you are asked to include case studies, it is important to include those projects that relate to the contract you are bidding for. For example, however good your examples of work in schools are, if the contract is for a hospital, companies demonstrating a track record of building hospitals will be favoured. Don’t overload the reader with the life story of the project or intricate technical details; focus on the facts. We suggest you cover these key areas when building a case study:

Key Information

  • Client Name
  • Project Name
  • Form of Contract
  • Duration
  • Contract Value
  • Brief Description

Brief Description

Typically you have 500 words to describe a project, therefore keep information factual. Detail how you added value; any challenges that you encountered and how you developed a solution to resolve them. What lessons did you learn that enabled you to improve your processes and will take forward onto future projects? Were there any cost savings or KPIs that demonstrate excellent customer satisfaction and exemplar delivery? Did you win any awards or receive any accreditation or recognition from your industry, client or peers? Case-study

Client Testimonial

Including a client testimonial is an effective and powerful way of adding more value to your case study by providing evidence and instilling confidence in the reader. A short paragraph from your client is all you need, but if they are too busy and can’t write a testimonial, consider drafting something yourself and asking them to confirm they are happy to put their name against it. Testimonial

Project Photos

Gathering high quality project photos throughout the duration of a project will gradually build a library of images that you can use on both your CVs and case studies. It helps immensely if they are well lit or taken on a bright day with a blue sky. Studies indicate that clients respond more positively to photographs which focus on outcomes for them. Photographs of completed buildings or finished products being enjoyed by delighted end users send a positive message that you deliver on your promises. Project-photos

Experienced Bid Writers

Our bid writers have the experience to identify the added value benefits our clients have brought to previous projects, expertly developing them into a convincing and winning narrative which helps them to pre-qualify and ultimately tender successfully for new work. If you would like our help to improve your case studies, contact us on 01462 440077 or complete the enquiry form.

Social housing

Helping a local business on to a local framework

Helping a local business on to a local framework

Our client are an SME builder based in Northampton with a successful history delivering repairs and planned maintenance to local authority and housing association clients in the Northampton area. They work primarily in the social housing and education sectors. They also have their own in house M&E business.

Why they approached us:

Our client started using Propeller for bid writing services recognising that they needed to improve their performance on public sector tenders if they were to grow their business. They had been working for an organisation responsible for the management of council housing services on an ad-hoc basis for many years when this organisation decided to go down a framework procurement route. Being included in this framework was therefore extremely important for the future success of the business.

Our added value:

  • Helped our client identify suitable evidence to demonstrate their ability and competence.
  • Identified added value and helped our client to understand the importance of capturing added value for use in tenders.
  • Helped our client understand ‘value’ from their end client’s perspective and recognise their own USPs (small, personal service, family-run, local to Northampton, local knowledge, local employer) and present them as strengths which aligned to the organisation’s values
  • Answer plans which focused on scoring top marks through structured responses backed by relevant and credible evidence.


The framework was divided into 7 Lots, and our client tendered for Lots 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. We helped them to be successfully appointed to all 5 Lots. This is worth £2m across the 4 year contract.

Since using Propeller our success rate at PQQ and ITTs has improved dramatically with the feed back from our clients for our submissions as being excellent. Sue has managed to capture the service we pride ourselves on and deliver on site perfectly with her fantastic writing skills producing amazing method statements and case studies.

End Client: Northampton Borough Council Form of contract: JCT Measured Term  Services provided:

Sector: Social Housing Size of business: SME

Corporate Social Responsivity

Corporate Social Responsivity: Adding Value to Do Good and Win More Work!

Corporate Social Responsivity: Adding Value to Do Good and Win More Work!

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals is a legal obligation on public sector organisations through the Social Value Act and is equally important to Private Sector companies who often have a CSR policy as part of their corporate governance. 

We recently blogged about the importance of demonstrating to your potential clients through your bids and proposals how you will add value for them over and above the provision of products or services.  As clients, these organisations will expect their suppliers to share their vision and contribute to the achievement of their CSR targets.

Training and Employment

Showing similar commitments and supporting your clients achieve their goals is a key way for you to not only win work but improve your own corporate standing.  One of the easiest ways you can add value for clients is through a commitment to training and creation of local employment. 

Anyone wanting to grow their business should have a plan to identify and develop suitable talent and perhaps you don’t think of this as ‘adding value’, it’s just what you do as a forward thinking business? One of our key skills at Propeller is helping you to identify and capture the value in things that you do every day:

  • That apprentice you took on who is now a Contract Manager
  • That JobCentrePlus work placement who is now a Customer Care Officer
  • That ex-soldier who is now a qualified Heating Engineer
  • The 100% local labour you employed on that recent project
  • The 14-16 year olds who did work experience with you
  • That sub-contractor you supported who has tripled his turnover

Our Bid Writers Add Value to Your Added Value

Our Bid Writers are all experienced industry professionals with experience and ideas drawn from across the construction, engineering, Facilities Management and Outsourced Services sectors.

One of our Senior Bid Writers, Sue Ward, is a CITB Construction Ambassador.  Not only is she working with school and college students wishing to pursue careers in the sector but she is using her knowledge and the resources offered by the CITB through its GoConstruct initiative to help our clients offer the kind of structured career and training paths which will not only give them a qualified and motivated workforce but which will also generate a wealth of evidence and ideas to be pumped back into tenders and proposals showing that they add value for their clients and communities.

Let our passion and expertise make the difference for your business.

Project management for social housing

Going the extra mile for our clients

Going the extra mile for our clients

Our client, a chartered consultancy practice established in 1947, employ a wide range of services and project management primarily to the Social Housing sector.

Why they approached us:

We have been providing bid writing service for this client for a number of years for their ‘must win’ tenders and PQQs so it was natural for them to contact us when their flagship framework partnership with this major supplier of affordable housing came due for renewal.

Our added value:

  • Identifiying our client’s added value
  • Undertaking research into the London Housing Market which helped the client answer specific questions concerning the current economic climate
  • Helping the client capitalise on their existing relationship and capture and evidence successes for the end client
  • Helping the client understand ‘value’ from the client’s perspective and evidence it in the tender
  • Creating answer plans which focused on scoring top marks through structured responses backed by relevant and credible evidence
  • Bid Managing the preparation and submission processes
  • Creating a professional, clear and branded document which gave an excellent impression of our clients investment in winning


The new works construction programme over the four years duration of this framework is estimated to be in the region of £740 million, with 30% of this delivered by S106s, leaving a balance of £518 million pounds of directly instructed construction works. This Framework Agreement is for consultants who can deliver the required services on this varied programme in the geographical area of Greater London, HCA East and South East Region, and Hampshire.

Our client was successfully appointed to the Framework

“Sue [Propeller bid writer], many thanks for your hard work on this”

Client Partner

End Client: One of the largest housing and care and support services providers in London, Essex and the Southeast
Form of contract: JCT
Services provided:

Sector: Social Housing
Size of business: SME

Domestic gas servicing

Top quality submission for existing client

Top quality submission for existing client

Our client are a regional heating services contractor specialising in the provision of heating services, across all fuel types, to the social housing sector. They are currently delivering 27 contracts and managing over 100,000 properties across the East of England. Having seen their turnover double throughout the term of their engagement with us, they were bought for £10m by a national group. However, they retain their own identity and continue to work with us for ongoing bid writing services.

Why they approached us:

Having undertaken all their PQQs and ITTs we understand their business inside and out, so when there was a contract for a leading social housing provider located in their heartland they came straight to us. The procurement was a simultaneous PQQ and ITT that our client was very keen to secure given its location and potential scope and value.

Our added value:

  • A detailed analysis of the tender requirements
  • Early identification of the bespoke information required
  • The ability to develop bespoke responses from our extensive database of evidence / past submissions
  • The creation of tender winning responses
  • The completion of 2 case studies plus responses to 25 technical questions to clearly demonstrate their ability to deliver the work required
  • The production of bespoke graphics including organisation charts and CVs
  • Professional PDF created for portal upload
  • The production of a professional PowerPoint presentation to support the interview forming part of assessment.


The contract was for the servicing, maintenance and repair of domestic and commercial gas and oil (Lot 1) and domestic electric and renewable heating systems (Lot 2), including void properties. It was worth £1.4m per annum. Although the client was 2nd on price, we achieved the highest score of all tenderers on 22 of the 26 quality questions which ensured they were the winning contractor on both lots. End Client: A charitable housing association Form of contract: JCT Measured Term Services provided:

Sector: Social Housing Size of business: SME

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