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Corporate Social Responsivity

Corporate Social Responsivity: Adding Value to Do Good and Win More Work!

Corporate Social Responsivity: Adding Value to Do Good and Win More Work!

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals is a legal obligation on public sector organisations through the Social Value Act and is equally important to Private Sector companies who often have a CSR policy as part of their corporate governance. 

We recently blogged about the importance of demonstrating to your potential clients through your bids and proposals how you will add value for them over and above the provision of products or services.  As clients, these organisations will expect their suppliers to share their vision and contribute to the achievement of their CSR targets.

Training and Employment

Showing similar commitments and supporting your clients achieve their goals is a key way for you to not only win work but improve your own corporate standing.  One of the easiest ways you can add value for clients is through a commitment to training and creation of local employment. 

Anyone wanting to grow their business should have a plan to identify and develop suitable talent and perhaps you don’t think of this as ‘adding value’, it’s just what you do as a forward thinking business? One of our key skills at Propeller is helping you to identify and capture the value in things that you do every day:

  • That apprentice you took on who is now a Contract Manager
  • That JobCentrePlus work placement who is now a Customer Care Officer
  • That ex-soldier who is now a qualified Heating Engineer
  • The 100% local labour you employed on that recent project
  • The 14-16 year olds who did work experience with you
  • That sub-contractor you supported who has tripled his turnover

Our Bid Writers Add Value to Your Added Value

Our Bid Writers are all experienced industry professionals with experience and ideas drawn from across the construction, engineering, Facilities Management and Outsourced Services sectors.

One of our Senior Bid Writers, Sue Ward, is a CITB Construction Ambassador.  Not only is she working with school and college students wishing to pursue careers in the sector but she is using her knowledge and the resources offered by the CITB through its GoConstruct initiative to help our clients offer the kind of structured career and training paths which will not only give them a qualified and motivated workforce but which will also generate a wealth of evidence and ideas to be pumped back into tenders and proposals showing that they add value for their clients and communities.

Let our passion and expertise make the difference for your business.

Project management for social housing

Going the extra mile for our clients

Going the extra mile for our clients

Our client, a chartered consultancy practice established in 1947, employ a wide range of services and project management primarily to the Social Housing sector.

Why they approached us:

We have been providing bid writing service for this client for a number of years for their ‘must win’ tenders and PQQs so it was natural for them to contact us when their flagship framework partnership with this major supplier of affordable housing came due for renewal.

Our added value:

  • Identifiying our client’s added value
  • Undertaking research into the London Housing Market which helped the client answer specific questions concerning the current economic climate
  • Helping the client capitalise on their existing relationship and capture and evidence successes for the end client
  • Helping the client understand ‘value’ from the client’s perspective and evidence it in the tender
  • Creating answer plans which focused on scoring top marks through structured responses backed by relevant and credible evidence
  • Bid Managing the preparation and submission processes
  • Creating a professional, clear and branded document which gave an excellent impression of our clients investment in winning


The new works construction programme over the four years duration of this framework is estimated to be in the region of £740 million, with 30% of this delivered by S106s, leaving a balance of £518 million pounds of directly instructed construction works. This Framework Agreement is for consultants who can deliver the required services on this varied programme in the geographical area of Greater London, HCA East and South East Region, and Hampshire.

Our client was successfully appointed to the Framework

“Sue [Propeller bid writer], many thanks for your hard work on this”

Client Partner

End Client: One of the largest housing and care and support services providers in London, Essex and the Southeast
Form of contract: JCT
Services provided:

Sector: Social Housing
Size of business: SME

Domestic gas servicing

Top quality submission for existing client

Top quality submission for existing client

Our client are a regional heating services contractor specialising in the provision of heating services, across all fuel types, to the social housing sector. They are currently delivering 27 contracts and managing over 100,000 properties across the East of England.

Having seen their turnover double throughout the term of their engagement with us, they were bought for £10m by a national group in November 2015. However, they retain their own identity and continue to work with us for ongoing bid writing services.

Why they approached us:

Having undertaken all their PQQs and ITTs since 2010 we understand their business inside and out, so when there was a contract for a leading social housing provider located in their heartland they came straight to us.

The procurement was a simultaneous PQQ and ITT that our client was very keen to secure given its location and potential scope and value.

Our added value:

  • A detailed analysis of the tender requirements
  • Early identification of the bespoke information required
  • The ability to develop bespoke responses from our extensive database of evidence / past submissions
  • The creation of tender winning responses
  • The completion of 2 case studies plus responses to 25 technical questions to clearly demonstrate their ability to deliver the work required
  • The production of bespoke graphics including organisation charts and CVs
  • Professional PDF created for portal upload
  • The production of a professional PowerPoint presentation to support the interview forming part of assessment.


The contract was for the servicing, maintenance and repair of domestic and commercial gas and oil (Lot 1) and domestic electric and renewable heating systems (Lot 2), including void properties. It was worth £1.4m per annum.

Although the client was 2nd on price, we achieved the highest score of all tenderers on 22 of the 26 quality questions which ensured they were the winning contractor on both lots.

End Client: A charitable housing association
Form of contract: JCT Measured Term
Services provided:

Sector: Social Housing
Size of business: SME

Propeller write compelling proposals that help their clients win private sector work

Have we got a Proposal for you…

Have we got a Proposal for you…

There was some good news for the Construction industry in last week’s The Markit / CIPS UK Construction PMI which rose to 49.2 in August from 45.9 in July. This has reversed most of the slump seen immediately after the Brexit vote.

A particular bright spot for the sector is private industrial construction which grew 7.3% on the year.

Whether you are already established in the sector or looking to transfer your skills from other areas of the industry to private commercial works we have helped numerous companies find success in the private sector. And not just construction either, if you provide engineering, facilities management or outsourced services such as IT or security, we can help you prepare a winning proposal.

One Winning team

Whether you need help with an eye-catching and impactful initial pitch or a carefully crafted response to a Request for Proposals or Invitation to Tender you can be assured of a dedicated and personalised engagement with the Propeller Team.

Our skilled Bid Managers and Writers will work closely with your team to understand your business, client and proposition. We will help you to create a document which showcases your team and approach and highlights your USPs and added value, all backed by evidence and outcomes from your previous successes.

If you are new to private sector work, we will help you identify and capitalise on your transferable skills increasing your chance of breaking into your chosen market.

Presentation is Key

You put a lot of time, energy and money into winning new work so don’t be let down by sloppy presentation. When time is running out and submission deadlines are looming it is presentation and proofreading that generally suffer; this can result in all your efforts being wasted on a client who gets the impression you really weren’t really that interested!

Our bid team will not only proofread your content, but improve it to ensure it reads well and uses appropriate language which is accessible and engages with the reader. Our graphic design team regularly produce proposals, tender submissions and marketing literature for some of the country’s leading companies who expect nothing less than 100% accuracy and graphics and presentation which will stand alongside the best in the world.

Blue Chip Success

Our team of experienced Bid Managers and Proposal Writers include experienced construction, FM and outsourcing specialists who have already helped our clients win contracts with global household names including the Bank of England, ASDA-Walmart, Selfridges, Network Rail, Babcock, RWE npower, Scottish Power, Center Parcs, JP Morgan and leading retail property developer and investor, Hammerson.

Our Services

To see how we can help you with proposal management, proposal / bid writing, graphic design or proofreading, call 01462 440077 and ask to speak to Stuart Parkes, or complete the enquiry form on the left hand side of this page.

An example of an infographic

Infographics: Not just a buzzword, a necessity

Infographics: Not just a buzzword, a necessity

Infographics, or to give it its full title – information graphics, is seen as a bit of a buzzword and thanks to their widespread distribution through social media channels they are seen as something new.

This is far from the truth. Their first documented use was nearly 400 years ago in 1626.

In his research about the rotation of the sun, the Rosa Ursina sive Sol, Christoph Scheiner published a series of illustrations. These images, or infographics, demonstrated how it happened. Used as an alternative to writing pages of complex technical copy, his infographics allowed people without a scientific background to understand the process.

They have been in use ever since.

Everyday use of Infographics

Data visualisation is the art of presenting complex information quickly and clearly. These images tie into the inbuilt part of our brains that see patterns and trends. An infographic has come to represent a collection of lots of different data visualisations that are all related to the same topic.

Weather maps and road signs are both examples of infographics that have been a part of our everyday life for a long time. We may not think of them as such, but they both use symbols to transmit information quickly in a very visual way.

The importance of infographics in bid submissions

The benefits of including data visualisations and infographics in your bid submissions are twofold:

  1. Removing the need for several paragraphs of explanatory text when you are limited by page count is vital. By portraying a wealth of information graphically frees up space in your bid, allowing you to include more information overall.
  2. Presenting information in a graphical form breaks up pages of text and makes the bid more aesthetically pleasing and appear easier to read. This will mean that your marker looks upon it more favourably.

Below are a series of data visualisation examples that engage the reader, are easy to understand, and build an instant picture of the process you are demonstrating. Furthermore, the person marking the submission doesn’t need to read through a whole page of text explaining the process.

Circular charts

These demonstrate a continual process of improvement

Infographic: A circular chart

Illustrative graphics

These are a very visual way to show the different component parts of a project

Infographic: An illustrative graphic

Linked graphics

These can identify the different departments in a chain and where there may be weaknesses in the process.

Infographic: A linked graphic

Flow diagrams

These show the different stages in a process and highlight areas of difficulty or that need more attention.

Infographic: A flow diagram


These demonstrate the geographical locations involved.

Infographic: A map

At Propeller, we specialise in visual communication for pre-qualification and tender submissions – combining images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience to produce a specific result – creating a winning bid. We can provide you with infographics to insert into your submission, or produce the entire bid.

If you would like to see how varied infographics can be, the website Information is Beautiful has some great examples; if you would like talk to someone about how we can help you create an expertly designed bid submission, contact us now on 01462 440077, or via our online enquiry form.

Updated August 2016

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