Asda announces expansion plans

Asda announces expansion plans

Asda is planning to build forty superstores, 100 supermarkets and 150 forecourt stores as part of its ambitious five-year store building programme.

Two-thirds of the new stores will be in the South East, London, Cornwall and Devon. The new store openings will create 12,000 jobs.

Asda currently has 577 stores in the UK and holds a 17.4% market share. Since its takeover by WalMart fifteen years ago, the supermarket chain has invested £8bn in the UK economy, created 100,000 jobs and opened 342 new stores.

The discount chains Aldi and Lidl are proving a real threat to ‘top four’, which have all suffered a decline in sales in the past three months, whilst the discounters continue to increase revenue and market share, which now stands at 8% combined.

FMCG Retailer Market Share


Asda is currently is the second largest FMCG retailer by market share. Tesco holds the top spot with 28.6% market share, Sainsbury is in third place with 16.5% and Morrisons in fourth with 11.8%, following a record decline of 3.8%.



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