Our Bid Writing Consultants specialise in writing winning bids and proposals

Failing to win work and secure contracts and don't understand why?

Short on high quality bid writing resources to complete submissions or proposals?

Need an experienced and qualified third party to review a submission and suggest improvements?

Bid Binders
Sound familiar? Then we can help you.

Bid / No Bid

Bidding for contracts that you have very little or no chance of securing is both time consuming and expensive.

We provide evaluation tools and advice to support the important bid / no bid decision.

Enabling you to determine which bids should have the most focus and effort applied to them. To give you a good benchmark of where you stand we provide two free, easy to use, evaluation tools:
Bid / No Bid Tool
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Pre-qualification Assessment Tool
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Winning Strategies

Our Bid Writing Consultants are experts in creating strategies that maximise your chances of winning. We develop responses by identifying your differentiators to highlight and demonstrate the value you can add.

Bid Workshops

Our Bid Workshops focus the bid team's attention on its role in producing a winning submission. We provide a structured approach to, initiate collaboration and ensure that all key contributors work to a mutually agreed programme, resulting in a compliant and high quality submission.

Bid Writing

Our Bid Writers are experts in completing public sector led Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), responding to Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) and writing proposal documents (RFPs) for private sector clients.
Our sole objective is to secure you more work and our success rate speaks for itself. We have helped secure in excess of £18bn worth of contract opportunities and contracts for our clients. In the last three years:
We achieved a pass rate
Pre-qualification stage
Our largest win was the Education Funding & Skills Agency's
Schools' framework
Our smallest win was for a painting contractor

Our results speak for themselves:

The effectiveness of our workshop services
The quality of our bid writing
The effectiveness of our project management service
The quality of our design works and infographics
The quality and impact of the completed document
The quality of our overall service
The value for money that our services provides to your business
Based upon third party survey of Propeller Studios clients during 2016
Our success is with clients who procure work in the construction and associated sectors. We specialise in winning work in:
Professional Services
Mechanical, Electrical and Gas Servicing
Facilities Management
Building Services

Bid Reviewing

Our Bid Consultants provide expert evaluations, in sufficient time, for improvements to be made, maximising our clients' chances of achieving higher marks.

Acting as a ‘Critical Friend’ we carry out reviews on clients' unsuccessful submissions and their bidding process to identify areas for future improvements.

Bid Management

It’s all in the planning

Our Bid Manager will produce a formal tender period programme identifying who is responsible for what, and when. They will then manage your team, reviewing progress and adding insightful reviews to the drafted work. As a consequence we will help you create a high quality submission, giving you the best possible chance of success.

Pre-tender Period

Engaging our highly-experienced Bid Managers ensures the entire bid process runs efficiently.

During the bid process, you will be able to use EasyPQQ, our cloud-based software which manages the flow of content and ensures collaboration across all areas of the bid team.

Tender Period

Graphic Design

STAND OUT from the competition

Our graphic designers ensure submissions have high impact, are visually appealing and easy-to-read. A strong first impression helps to frame the content in which an evaluator will approach your submission, making it more memorable than your competitors.
Bid Binders

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